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Once a need is satisfied, it ceases to be a source of motivation to an individual and therefore the individual focuses their energy on the unsatisfied needs.The needs of the employees at SAS are well catered for by the company management and in line with Maslows’ needs hierarchy.

This paper also analyses the reward systems adopted at SAS institute and how the strategies help the management to realize a win-win situation.

In the wake of the modern work conditions, employee motivation is a major concern in many companies and organizations.

Security is one of the needs on Maslows’ needs hierarchy, Maslow points out that human beings seek to be protected.

In an organization, employees should be treated well and made to feel part of the company or organization.

Threats to employees and use of reprimanding language at work places by management makes employees feel insecure at the work place. Goodnight emphasizes that the manager have to treat employees just the way they would like to be treated (George & Jones, 2004, p98).

The regard given to the employees by the managers at the SAS institute is as directed by the CEO, who feels employees are the best asset the company has.

The perks paid in terms of salaries and bonus is well to standard to enable employees meet their basic needs.

Employees need to feel secure and protected in an organization.

Every human behavior has a motive behind it, which acts as a drive to the behavior.

Chances that the behavior is repeated depend on the reinforcement to the motive.


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