Money Can Buy Happiness For And Against Essay

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I have personally seen people who buy clothes, accessories, food or anything to buy friends.It might work but only for a while and then it just goes to demonstrate once again that money cannot buy happiness.Happiness is an emotion that we discover inside our own selves as human beings.

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According to me, although having lots of money will surely provide us lot of ways to entertain ourselves but it can’t buy love and happiness.If somebody thinks money can buy happiness then that is not true happiness.Money is given huge importance and the simple things which bring us true happiness are often overlooked. It does not cost anything but can fill your life with happiness. It cannot be traded for any amount of money in the world.No amount of money on the planet could pay for that.Memories are formed and created hence they cannot be paid for or paid off.Even though she was earning a huge fortune every year, she was not happy as she didn’t have any close friend or family who could take care of her.Whereas I have seen people who have a happy life without money because they are surrounded by people who love them and care for them.Generally, people believe that they can make someone feel happy or loved with the help of money, and perhaps they can but only for a while.Here are essays of varying lengths on the topic Money can’t buy happiness.Whatsoever activity one is undertaking, he is sure to be successful when he is in a state of happiness. A person will be more productive and more successful in whatever work he is doing if he is coming to work with excitement each day. Conclusion You will reap the reward if you do what you love. Introduction A lot of people think that happiness can be acquired with the help of money, or that you need money to be happy.You will generally perform better and will not only be more wealthy in monetary and non-monetary terms but you will also lead a more fulfilling and happy life. But there are a few of us that still believe that the best things in life are free.


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