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If they wish, students may take any one advanced workshop twice to fulfill the Advanced Writing Workshop course requirements.

• CWC students have one English elective in their major.

MFA Poetry: Developed by poets for poets, the Master of Fine Arts in Poetry is a small, intimate graduate experience that encompasses a wide breadth of poetic traditions.

The two-year program fosters close working relationships with our accomplished, award-winning faculty and a supportive environment in which to grow as a poet and as a student of poetry.

Students are required to complete the usual sequence of required courses for the major, with these differences: • Students completing the CWC within the general framework of the English Major substitute the following creative writing courses for the five electives: ◦ 317: Poetry Writing◦ 318: Fiction Writing◦ 357: Literature from a Writer's Perspective or English 319: Creative Nonfiction Note: Either 317 or 318 or 319 fulfills a Core Expressive Arts Requirement.

◦ advanced writing workshops, chosen from English 397: Advanced Poetry Workshop; English 398: Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop; English 392: Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop Note: An advanced writing workshop substitutes for the Capstone course, English 390, in the regular major.

BA Nonfiction: The Nonfiction major introduces you to a variety of nonfiction forms, pushing you to explore the history of the genre and write prose that is personal and original.

You'll study with some of the most respected writers in the genre and join a vibrant community that can help you transition to a publishing career or graduate studies.


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