Medical Tourism Business Plan

Medical Tourism Business Plan-6
Obtain certification as a travel agent or agency from your state if necessary.Each state has a different licensing requirement so check with your state’s website or department of licensing.

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More recently, after starting his own business in IT, he helped organize an online community for which he wrote and edited articles as managing editor, business and economics.

You need to decide which foreign facilities you will use to visit them to negotiate contracts specifying services and costs.

If you have no medical training, you may have to hire a medical professional to help you evaluate foreign services.

But the business model question is totally different, and the answer to it is very tricky. But perfectly good everywhere else, where the hospitals are interested in medical tourists.2. The company decides what the treatment costs, patient pays the company, the company settles the bill with the hospital.

I will give you a list of ways money is made by facilitators (I assume that is what you are asking), and will gladly elaborate should there be a need. The difference is the actual revenue from the case.

You should spend significant time researching the qualifications of various hospitals, and may even want to travel to them yourself in order to verify the credentials of the medical facility and staff.

Select hospitals that you would be comfortable at for your own triple bypass, and develop relationships with their financial and admissions offices.

While you have to offer substantial savings to draw in customers, the demonstrated quality of the medical services you are offering are important as well.

For example, if you offer dental implants in Mexico for residents of American border states, you have to present details of the facilities, references from satisfied clients and the credentials of the dentists who will carry out the work.


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