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In some provinces, weed will be legally sold only in government stores; in others, only in private stores; and in others there will be a mix.No bar or restaurant will be able to sell marijuana, at least not at first.Aspiring pot cultivators will be allowed to grow up to four plants per household in most parts of the country, though Quebec and Manitoba have banned do-it-yourself marijuana production.

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Airline pilots face tough restrictions on how near to the start of shifts they may use marijuana.

The armed forces will have specific orders for its members and the Calgary Police Service has banned pot use by off-duty officers.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Toronto’s police force will ban most officers from using marijuana within 28 days of reporting for a shift.

You will face a fine of at least 1,000 Canadian dollars.

Canada is poised on the edge of a cultural revolution and dramatic social experiment as it prepares to legalize marijuana on Wednesday.

Although the move has been planned since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was elected in 2015, the country is scrambling to get ready for the big day because while the federal cannabis act sets a broad skeleton, Canada’s 13 provinces and territories set their own rules — including where marijuana will be sold and where it can be consumed. And they conflict from one part of the country to the other, leaving many Canadians confused.

Cannabis counselors — government employees — will advise on, among things, which marijuana strains induce relaxation or euphoria, as well as possible harmful effects.

Saskatchewan will have 51 stores, all privately run.

That’s enough to roll roughly 60 normal-size joints.

Canadians hoping for pot-fueled revelry anywhere they like will be sorely disappointed.


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