Macbeth Essays Nature Reacts To Human Actions

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The joy of getting the coveted seat does not override his guilt of killing the king, as he had anticipated.

He even calls upon the god Neptune to wash away the blood that has now tainted him.(Act 2, Scene 3)It becomes apparent that as Macbeth is overcome with guilt, he does not remember to sneak the daggers to the chamberlains to frame them.

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Even though he pesters them to reveal to him more about his ascension to power, they disappear leaving him in a state of suspense.

He knows he has to do something bad to get the throne, but he is uncomfortable with the evil thoughts starting to take refuge in his mind:?

When her husband refuses to go back and complete what she started, Lady Macbeth goes back for the daggers to frame the chamberlains.

The whole plan was hers and she will not let her husband derail her ambitious plan to the throne.

At the beginning of the story it is clear that Macbeth is an honorable man that is respected by all his comrades, due to his bravery in the battlefield.

He is labelled “brave Macbeth” by an injured soldier for his exploits in the battle that has just ended.


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