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As I think it over I wonder to myself, "Is there something wrong with me?Ultimately this involves the audience and allows them to sympathise with Romeo and Juliet.Shakespeare also brings the two families together at the ball to display that what should be a joyous occasion is ruined by the feud.It hurts when you realize that the organ that keeps you alive can either hurt or kill you when you fall in love. Is it because of the lack of trust or because of the lies the other people might tell me?Or maybe it's because I'm scared they might have sex and produce children and name them tears and hate.This is shown through language and actions of the characters, and also by the layout and setting of the play itself.For instance the love between Romeo and Juliet is contradicted by the hate between the two families, Montague and Capulet.But if I have all black on fake laughs and smiles on my face then I’m feeling pain and no love. As I looked at him I couldn't hear what he was saying. Our eyes was stuck together like we had magnets in them. He began to hold me with his big, carmel hands that felt soft around my waist.someone is also showing l*** when they are not afraid of telling you the truth. But they also comfort you by embracing you whenever it seems like you need it, they give you good advice, and they make you feel happy whenever you’re around them. The tightness of the way he held me made me feel like he was trying to protect me from the rain.Shakespeare’s use of language is very deliberate to highlight the emotions and relationships between the characters.When Romeo and Juliet are together biblical, heavenly images are conjured up.


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