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In this transcendent moment, though, when I play in the darkness of the room, I think not of the fingerings and the intervals that I need to execute, but rather of the expression and interpretations that make the music mine.

I play late into the night with nothing on my mind other than trying to make each note I play the most beautiful and sonorous sound.

The applicant's resume, transcripts, and letters of recommendation support his interests and pursuits, and enhance the overall picture of how gaming fits into his ultimate career plans.

This applicant will be starting his 1L year at Berkeley Law this fall! That little, yellow, squeaky character from Pokémon beckoned me every day after school to come play with it. Immersing myself in their fantasy worlds was fun and intensely rewarding.

Hours spent trying to perfect a note that is born in the soul and travels through the air to live no more.

The endless pursuit of one moment of perfection ultimately not mine to have and to hold. In college, I found that my fascination with musicality and expression translated easily to literature.

I found that I could empathize with someone who was desperately trying to hold onto something so poignantly beautiful, something that could never last, while at the same time being completely aware of his gaping flaws.

As I learned reading Nabokov’s clear love for and mastery of language, while incongruently romantic, is at the same time capable of transforming the depths of one’s perception and understanding of the world.

There is a power in words, not only to entertain and enlighten, but also to persuade, convince and even transport.

I have seen this power manifested in the plea of an applicant for political asylum, in the argument crafted on his behalf and in the judge’s ultimate decision, which can bring a human being out of danger and to a new life.


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