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Including killing of hostages, ill-treatment of civilians, use of forced labor and looting of public and private property and racial persecution.

The International Military Tribunal, the prosecutors consisting of lawyers and judges from the United States, France, England and the Soviet Union had countless evidence of these crimes committed by the Nazis, however to serve justice to every individual for their inhumane actions was impossible.

These crimes included invading other nations, violating the Treaty of Versailles and most significantly, "crimes against humanity".

These crimes were what later became known as the Holocaust, in which millions of innocent victims were deported, enslaved and systematically executed.

Literally thousands of men who willingly participated in massive genocide evaded justice and lived comfortable lives in other countries.

The Nuremberg Trials were successful in "officially" recognizing the atrocities of the Nazis during and before World War II but they were not successful in holding all accountable for their administrative or direct participation in Nazi genocide. Rosenbaum asserts in his book, Prosecuting Nazi War Criminals: "In short, only a minority of planners and perpetrators were ever brought to trial....

If a court marshal was held instead of the IMT, the Nazis would have not been provided with adequate representation and the trials would not recognize the rights of the defendants the way the Nuremberg Trials did. S., with the help of the English, French and Soviets did not form the IMT, the Germans may have been subjected to a Soviet court marshal which would have been far more vengeful in its nature (Taylor p, 39).

The establishment of the International Military Tribunal had two central objectives.

The Nuremberg Trials prosecuted twenty one defendants (all of whom were Nazi officers) and six major Nazi organizations.

Although three organizations were declared criminal by the Tribunal and the defendants were convicted, justice was not completely served to many other organizations and individuals.


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