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From birth, people are forced to conform to certain gender roles based on their biological sex.

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But the confessor refused to offer any remedy as it is beyond his two vocations of tour and interpretation of maladies. Das may have repented her impulsive unfaithfulness, but the professional interpreter finds no gap in language; therefore no role for him to play. Kapasi works as a tourist guide on Fridays and Saturdays; he works as an interpreter to Gujarati patients for a local doctor who does not understand that language. Das perceives an intoxicating power associated with his job as his patients absolutely depend on his interpretation “In a way, more dependent on you than the doctor. His linguistic skill in English, French, Russian, Portugese, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, Oriya and Gujarati means little to her; he is no more than a doctor’s assistant. She wants to use him to get rid of her sense of guilt. “It crushed him; he knew at that moment that he was not even important enough be properly insulted.

The readers enjoy the technique of gradual unraveling of the truth and Mr. ”(66) Then it emerges that she even regards him a father figure good for confession and counsel whereas Mr.

”(66) She even regarded him as a father figure whereas Mr. It is only at the end of the story that the readers and Mr. It is the compulsive urge to confess her youthful adultery and find a remedy that she turns to the middle-aged interpreter. Kapasi’s sex-starved soul develops a romantic infatuation encouraged by her admiration of his unusual vocation.

Das cherishes romantic feelings as she jots down his address and promises to send him photographs. Das hopes to receive letters about her personal as well as social life and he also intended to write about the social and personal life, thus becoming a interpreter of two different cultures. Kapasi come to terms with the truth that she wants to use him as a confessor for “her common, trivial little secret. 66) which she has successfully guarded from everybody for eight years. At her request he tells her many amusing anecdotes from his experience as the interpreter.

In Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies men turn out to be gullible and poor judge of women they love.

She has not only been unfaithful, she has also managed to keep it a secret till she meets a friendly elderly interpreter-cum-tourist guide during her visit to Orissa in India.

Kapasi so long has cherished romantic feelings as she jotted down his address and promised to send him photographs. Kapasi’s profession: as a science teacher he takes his students to Museum of Natural History in New York City and explains exactly as Mr.

He expected an affair to grow out of her incompatible and unhappy marriage. Das about her personal as well as social life and he also intends to write about the social and personal life, thus dreams “of serving as an interpreter between two nations. The story becomes a clash between the world of fantasy and harsh reality, the unfulfilled dream of an ambitious polyglot and a pampered housewife who has cheated her husband to satisfy her lust and given birth to an illicit child. Das gives the historical interpretations of Konarak Sun temple.

Kapasi is also delighted to find that unlike other foreign tourists who remain glued to their guidebook and adore temples, she has taken an interest in him. He remarks: “In a way we have a lot in common, you could say, you and I.

” (46) Ironically, both the interpreters are manipulated by a woman who plays false with them.


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