Intelligence Nature Or Nurture Essay

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A harmonious give and take relationship from various sectors of society will still be important to an understanding of human behavior.

This and other illustrations, like what he termed as “the Westermarck effect,” which is the “association in the first years of life appeared to compromise adult marital compatibility” (5) explains the nature side of the controversy convincingly.

Equally, Parens pointed out abuses on the use of knowledge of genetics to advance any human political or ideological agenda.

It is provided by experience, no knowledge or ideas are built in (Atkinson, et al. The advent of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in 1859, which emphasizes the biological basis of human development, led to a return of the hereditarian viewpoint, with the rise if behaviorism in the twentieth century, however, the environmentalist’s position once again gained dominance (Atkinson, et al. The behaviorists’ standpoint, with the likes of BF Skinner, was that human nature is completely malleable: early training can turn a child into any kind of adult, regardless of his or her heredity (De Waal, 1).

This is most exemplified in an individual’s activity.


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