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Mobile infants often explore by mouthing and must be protected from small parts and fragile toys.In addition a rich learning environment for mobile infants should include safe structures to climb and explore.

It is imperative to play close attention, and respond to the needs of young infants.

“Very young children need adults who listen, smile, and talk with them or babble when they babble; watch for when they need quiet and solitude; and notice and communicate pleasure over such newfound skills as creeping, climbing, holding, dropping, or adding new sounds and words (Greenman, Stonehouse, and Schweikert, 2008, pg. ” An understanding of the mobile stage of development will make one aware of the safety precautions needed to allow mobile toddlers to explore the environment.

In this term paper I will explore infant and toddler curriculum.

I will discuss: the developmental themes in infancy, infant toddler curriculum, and the differences between preschool curriculum and appropriate infant toddler curriculum.

“Developmental domains are one way to describe and think about the different aspects of development in the areas of: emotional; physical, social, cognitive; and language skills of young children.

And while we use the domains as a way to organize our thinking and observations of children, in reality all domains are function together simultaneously, especially in the first three years of life.

In the mobile stage young children should be provided the freedom to explore their surroundings utilizing their newly developed gross and fine motor skills.

During the toddler stage young children are in search of who they are as individuals in the world around them.

This may require removing all sharp objects from the area and covering electrical outlets and ensuring.

However, prepping the room for child safety is not the only concern.


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