Indoor Sports Facility Business Plan

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Everyone has heard the phrase; “The three most important things in real estate are location, location, location.” Well in this business location is important, but in the beginning the phase should be; “The three most important things when building a sports facility are money, money, money.” The first “money” relates to the site acquisition, as in should I buy or lease, build to suit or convert?

The second “money” relates to capital equipment, how much should I spend and do I buy or lease?

Capital Equipment The second monetary consideration is how to obtain the capital equipment needed to fill the facility.

No matter what sport you plan to offer, there is some kind of equipment to buy.

Operating Cash When you open your doors, you should have enough cash to keep them open even if nobody shows up to play for about six months.

Indoor Sports Facility Business Plan Can Thesis Statement Be Negative

That may seem conservative but in my experience it is needed in this business.” If the answer is “no”, which in most cases it is, then you don’t need it.Don’t get carried away by the bright shiny objects and flashy details, there will be plenty of time to upgrade later, besides you need that cash for the next “money” item.The third “money” relates to the operating account, what do I need to have in cash to open the doors and keep them open while I build my business.Site Acquisition I’ll start with the one you will have to consider first and that is site acquisition.We also offer a wide range of custom options, such as placing your logo in turf or on rubber flooring, padding or windscreen.Our facility experts will work with you to select the best specifications to fit your uses, needs and budget.On Deck Sports has been in business since 2001 because of our reputation for quality work and customer satisfaction.We understand the enormity of your project and will be your partner in every aspect Put your trust in a partner who has worked with over a thousand other customers just like you.Rinks, fields, turf, courts, all cost money, and this is the second area I see many people get in trouble with.In the beginning you have to be as frugal as possible without sacrificing too much on quality.


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