Ideal Problem Solving

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“It wasn’t happening a lot,” says customer service manager Ramon Hernandez.

“But more often than we wanted.” Fast forward several months.

In more complex problem solving, heuristics do not guarantee success, but they certainly help.

Here are some strategies that often work: - Try to identify how the current state of affairs differs from the desired goal. - Try working backward from the desired goal to the starting point or current state.

These can again be tackled with the "ideal" steps until a final satisfactory solution is found. An insight is usually so rapid and clear that we often wonder how such an "obvious" solution could have been missed.

If the insight is not rapid, may be heading for a mistake.Don’t wait for someone to write it after your death. And from there, you can reverse engineer your life to live the best possible life you can. [From Coon, Introduction to Psychology, Exploration and Application.] - Problem Solving may be the result of thinking that is mechanical, insightful, or based on understanding.And we all have the conscious or unconscious belief that “if I came up with an idea, it must be a brilliant idea.” Reflecting on a problem, finding its causes, and coming up with a real solution require a lot of mental energy. We evolved them later in our 4.5 billion years of evolution. The principle that guides all human behavior is that we avoid pain and seek pleasure.Quick fixes are pleasurable and ideal solutions are painful.Psychologists Robert Sternberg and Janet Davidson (1982) have studied people as they solve problems that require insight or "leaps of logic." According to them, insight involves three abilities.Copyright The contents of this site, including all images and text, are for personal, educational, non-commercial use only.The second step is to ask myself the following question: When I worked as a researcher in academia, we tried to solve a problem with exact methods that produced mathematically proven optimal solutions, i.e. If those attempts failed, only then, we turned to approximation methods, which produced good results, but not guaranteed optimums. As you can imagine, this not only applies to software development or engineering, this applies to any area of life.Once I have the ideal solution, I can either go ahead and implement it or compromise it to the level it is practical to implement.If is commutative then the following simpler definition holds: An ideal is prime iff and for any if then either or ., a leading designer and manufacturer of solid waste and recycling equipment faced an infrequent but recurring problem in its production area.


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