How To Write An Essay About Your Goals

I would love to study music because I've been loving music practically all my life. As the most of my peers, I have been asking myself a question, what is it really I want out of my life?Includes 3 samples of 100 words, 250 words, & 500 words.

There are several aspects of our lives that could influence us and the future decisions that we'll make.

The biggest part of our decision making is the way we were raised and the culture we have On the other hand, we have a poor family.

Is it a state of mind or is it some unknown world that we are so eager to enter?

Well, it varies from person to person, it depends on the life that the person has left behind when the decision to go to college was made.

The family will show little or no support for the higher education, because they will look at the short run problems, they need money now, not four years from now.

Secondly, the person will not be as motivated to go to school of higher education as the person who was born to a rich family.She establishes her theme in this opening, and then gives the context for her MBA goal.Notice that in writing about her work as an accountant for a major firm, she provides relevant details, including how many years she has been in this field, her bilingual abilities, and specialty area as an auditor.(For example, some ask “Why is now the right time for you to earn this degree?” or “What do you hope to gain from the XYZ program?The surrounding of that person does not provide the proper environment for the logical thinking in terms of long term life goals, because most likely the family will live in the area that is consistent with their income. Meaning that the child will never get a chance to see the full meaning of completing the higher education. There are people who would totally disagree that the opportunities are limited only to the rich.that we discussed in a previous post in this series, demands a laser-like focus.This question has been bothering many people, and not only the college students who are trying to figure out the path which will lead them to the comfortable life.One might ask, what is that comfort that we all are striving for?This is the springboard from which she explains why she is pursuing the MBA – her role as an accountant is too limited for her to achieve her career goals as a money manager.Outstanding career goals essays don’t simply list what the applicants have done and what they want to do; they also convey real enthusiasm for the applicant’s career choice.


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