How To Write A Book Essay

Save the intro and concluding paragraph (especially the thesis) until the end of the process, when you have the clearest idea of your point. Now, “enough time” means something different to everyone.

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Maybe the author’s ideas were sloppily organized, their grammar and spelling off-the-mark, their writing voice pedantic or unrelatable. (Especially all those essays you wrote ABOUT books)Uh-oh.

Wish you’d never hired that sketchy online service or your second cousin to write your essays for you?

you read anything remotely interesting/thought-provoking/weird, mark it.

If you already have an essay prompt or theme in mind, mark every quote in the book that seems to be at all related to the prompt in any way.

When you write about someone else’s writing (if you do it well), you will learn something.

Writing gives you the chance to play with ideas — your own, and others.Going back to the lego analogy, you may not know what kind of pirate ship you’re able to build until you dump all the legos out of the box on the floor and you can see how many legos you have, what colors they are, what size and shape, etc. Now that you have all your quotes marked or highlighted, type them in a word document, or spread them out in front of you on note cards (as Ryan Holiday suggests), and see what you have.If you want to write an essay analyzing the character of Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird, you better make sure first that you’ve highlighted/sticky-note-d enough quotes about Atticus.You can also become a better writer almost involuntarily, just by observing the world, living your life to the fullest, and reading everything you can put your hands on.You can also use a free app like Grammarly to avoid embarrassing grammar and spelling mistakes in your essay.It also gives you a chance to clarify ideas in your own mind.Writing is an important skill to have, not just for getting good grades, or writing essays and books, but for life. And: When you write novel essays, you are thinking about the novel.This is because your point may change as you write your essay.Maybe you intended to make a blue lego pirate ship with four decks and a giant mast and gangplank, but then you find out that you have too many green legos and not enough blue ones, and you don’t have enough legos that are the right size for creating a satisfactory gangplank. If you write your essay at LEAST a couple days before it is due, you won’t be stressed or need to pull an all-nighter, AND you allow yourself a chance to edit your paper before turning it in, which is absolutely necessary if you want to write a good essay. I wrote this article more than a month before I posted it.So the more quotes you have, the better able you are to construct an impressive argument for ANY essay or book topic.It’s like trying to build a pirate ship out of legos.


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