How To Solve A Long Division Problem

How To Solve A Long Division Problem-89
And all we really need to know to be able to do these, to tackle these, is our multiplication tables up to maybe 10 times 10 or 12 times 12. So hopefully, that gives you the hang of how to do these larger division problems. Let me draw a line here so we don't get confused.

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This whole column right here, that's the tens column. And then there is-- and I don't want to make this look like a-- I don't want to make this look like a-- Let me clean this up a little bit.

We just said that 4 goes into 344 eighty times, right?

So let's say I want to divide-- I am looking to divide 3 into 43.

And, once again, this is larger than 3 times 10 or 3 times 12.

4) In this step we determine how many times 11 will divide into 77. We write down the 7 next to the 1 in the answer area.

We also write down 77 underneath the 77 because 7 x 11 = 77.

So once again, well, this is beyond 7 times 12, which is 84, which you know from our multiplication tables.

And remember, this might seem like magic, but what we really said was 7 goes into 90 ten times-- 10 because we wrote the 1 in the tens place --10 times 7 is 70, right?

The first number "1" is too small, so we look at the first two numbers "18". In this step, we write down how many times 18 can be divided by 11. If we tried 2 that would be 22, which is bigger than 18. 3) Since we had a remainder of 7, the problem isn't finished.

Next, we write 11 underneath the 18 because 1x11 = 11. We now move the 7 down from the end of the 187 (see the picture).


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