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However, I did acquire many new words without realizing that I was learning.

However, I did acquire many new words without realizing that I was learning.In 2006, while living in New York, my Brazilian roommate Carla invited Silvia, her friend from Brazil, to visit during Christmas. I had to speak in Portuguese, even though I was embarrassed of what I thought was my Neanderthal-like command of the language.While driving and being stuck in traffic, I listened to their local advertisements for Portuguese companies that ranged from plumbing contractors and construction supply companies to Portuguese “” (bakeries).

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I found out that I knew much more Portuguese than I thought.

All those years of listening to fishermen’s songs and Catholic masses paid off. I had been reinforcing the vocabulary and sentence structure rules that I had learned by just listening to the radio. Turn on the music while driving, doing household chores, cooking, gardening, etc.

This blog post only covers part of her book, the listening section.

I speak seven languages with excellent pronunciation and almost native accents.

She speaks seven languages (Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Serbo-Croatian) with perfect or almost perfect accents because she used music, TV, radio and movies to supplement her language classes/self-guided learning. Susanna has taught English as a Second Language and Spanish using music and the media.

Susanna’s book covers how to use music, TV, radio, movies, podcasts, language exchange, cultural activities and other day-to-day tasks to learn a language.

It’s a lot more enjoyable than only concentrating on grammar and vocabulary.

When you get frustrated with the language, remind yourself that it’s just a game.

Languages are a living creature not grammar charts and vocabulary lists.

I was staying in a hostel last week in Costa Rica, where a young Dutchman residing in the hostel was enrolled in a one-month Spanish language class fours hours a day, five days a week. He’d come back to the hostel, read his Spanish grammar book or listen to Dutch or English music and watch TV.


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