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This is more annoying to implement if your classes assign things on the fly, in which case I’d probably just use GTD for assignments and have a list in there for exams.I also use Zapier to automatically add new entries to the coursework board to my google calendar.When teachers assign too much homework, you don’t know how to manage your time wisely. In other words, using academic planner apps is a great way to increase productivity, boost motivation, and become an A student with ease.

As one of the first homework planner apps (launched in 2009), it has many testimonials from users who enjoy its features.

is another app that helps to keep track of your academic life.

No matter where I sit down to work on my work I know exactly what assignments I have due and when they are due. Could be better, but it's the best I've got so far that was made for this.

You can also add events so you can see any class conflicts. I used to pay for premium when it was like 2.99, but I don't anymore since they raised it. Only use it on mobile (Android) and laptop (Windows).

Also it’s very forgiving about not knowing enough information in advance or wanting to just “dump it in now and organize later”. There’s a free version so try it out and get the pro version if you like it.

I love it because it syncs my classes and due dates to my google calendar, sends me reminders about assignments when I ask it to, and has a couple other handy features Yep. I have a big Weekly board, plus I make individual boards for big projects.Each week I’ll go in and convert a checklist task to a card and move it to my GTD list. From attending lectures to working on coursework and homework assignments, it can be daunting to keep a work-study-life balance. Source With the variety of homework apps on the market, students can make the educational process easier, especially if they use apps that help to plan study sessions, send homework reminders, and keep track of progress.This really helps when you just see a mountain of work to do and allows you to break down the assingmets into manageable chunks.This only works if you actually take the time to make the schedule weekly and actually do the daily work.I use it in conjunction with Google Calendars (it syncs right in).It’s great because having todo papers or notes in apps gets tedious.It’s a cross-platform student planner that can fit teachers and lecturers and allow users to manage their college duties (homework, exams, lectures), so it’s a perfect fit for college students.It’s available on all popular devices and it syncs data, so students can get access to their tasks wherever they are.In coursework, I have a list for each class and put all my assignments (due dates, link to drive pdf with info, etc).In GTD I have: I copy things from coursework to GTD each week.


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