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In the first four lessons of the unit, students explore questions about identity, stereotyping, and group membership.This assessment step introduces students to a writing prompt that builds on these important themes and connects them to the history students explore later in this unit.

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They are aware of all standards and rules which should be followed while writing an essay, a paper etc.

This means that you will have no problems with structure.

We encourage all survivors to share their unique experiences to ensure their preservation for future generations.

The essays, accompanying photographs, and other materials, including submissions that we are unable to feature on our website, will become a permanent part of the Museum’s records.

Recourses they use are accurate and checked, they take only truthful information.

This means that if you are doing not very good with a given topic to write on, then you can always ask for help online.It`s a terrible genocide when about six million Jews were killed by Nazis.This event is awful to imagine, what to say about writing on this topic.The prompt is designed to serve as both a thematic frame for the unit and a final writing assignment at the unit’s end.Unit Writing Prompt: Because the students have not yet been introduced to the Weimar era, the rise of the Nazi Party, and the Holocaust, this lesson begins with a modified version of the prompt: Modified Writing Prompt for this Lesson: This modified prompt enables students to think through larger themes about history and decision making before delving into the specific history in later lessons.If you would like to participate in this project, please follow the steps below before submitting your entry.It`s obvious that everyone has heard about Holocaust.You should pay attention to the author and his/her political views, it`s also necessary to take some notes where witnesses were interviewed.Choose one topic and theme which you will continue to develop, then choose the appropriate arguments and examples.This lesson’s activities provide suggestions to help students start to understand the meaning of the prompt and to stake out a preliminary position in response to it.At key points later in this unit (after Lessons 8, 13, 18, 21, and 23), you will be prompted to give students the opportunity to revisit the prompt and consider stories, documents, and other evidence from history that may influence their thinking about it.


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