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It is only the very great simplicity and constancy of [constant nature diseases such as] ague and syphilis that permitted remedies to be found for them, [that] are, however, probably specific in both diseases…

Our great and intelligent observers of disease have seen the truth of this too well, to require that I should dwell longer on this subject.

How humiliating for proud humanity, did his very preservation depend on chance alone. is exhilarating to believe that for each particular disease, for each morbid variety, there are peculiar directly-acting remedies, and that there is also a way in which these may be methodically discovered.

When I talk of the methodical discovery of the medicinal powers still required by us, I do not refer to those empiri­cal trials usually made in hospitals, where in a difficult, often not accurately noted case, in which those already known do no good, recourse is had to some drug, hitherto either untried altogether, or untried in this particular affection, which drug is fixed upon either from caprice or blind fancy, or from some obscure notion, for which the experimenter can give no plausible reason, either to him­self or others.

c based on the law of simi­lars, Hahnemann here allows that a remedy based on opposites can be used. At this point we can see the early and important distinction Hahnemann makes between the constant speci?

c remedies (mainly homogenic at this point in his discoveries), which are derived clini­cally, and those to be determined by the process of provings and then matching the proving (arti?it may not at first sight appear very necessary to increase the number of our medicinal agents.Very probably all (or nearly all) the aid we seek lies in those we already possess (Lesser Writings, p.Now after mature experience, I add, not only probably, but quite certainly. 267) Hahnemann now comes to a lengthy and crucial explanation of the difference between the two actions of a medicine (which, we must remember is an arti?cial disease, such that the dual action of the medicine is mirrored in the dual action of disease, or vice versa).To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy. Hahnemann begins, as we have in the previous chapter, by discussing the contributions of chemistry to medicine. nd the medicinal powers of substances, but it cannot tell anything about its functions in the human body, which is of a living nature.259) This issue of quantity (number of medicines) versus quality (theory and principle) will arise each time a signi?cant problem emerges in terms of cure for his system, both in the context of his discovery of the chronic miasms and his use of dual remedies.Hahnemann states that this approach can give temporary relief in acute, self-limiting diseases and is only justi? But it is not to be tried in chronic disease as stron­ger and stronger doses are necessary to provide relief and it should be abandoned.I beseech my colleagues to abandon this method (contraria contrariis) in chronic diseases, and in such acute diseases as take on a chronic character; it is the deceitful by-path in the dark forest that leads to the fatal swamp. 262) The better, more discerning, and conscientious physicians, have from time to time sought for remedies…which should not cloak the symptoms, but which should remove the disease radically, in a word for specific remedies; the most desirable, most praiseworthy undertaking that can be imagined…


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