Graduating High School Essay

Graduating High School Essay-35
These are the teachers who are the hardest to say goodbye to.

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The most difficult part for me, by far, is saying farewell to my classmates.

My six years in high school were spent building close and memorable connections with friends.

The next-hardest thing about graduating from high school is parting with the teachers you’ve grown close to over the years.

There are teachers who put so much effort into their classes, inspiring and empowering their students to learn and to succeed.

So, this is it – the very last days of the life we’ve grown so comfortable with.

Bidding farewell to high school allows us to keep all the great memories while still moving forward in our lives, ready to change the world as adults rather than holding on to the past like children.

It’s funny how we all start from the same beginnings but end up in completely different places in life. Next week, I’ll have my last few lessons, clear out my locker for the last time, say my final goodbyes to classmates and teachers, and eventually graduate with all my peers.

I know there are a lot of you going through the same thing, and hey, welcome aboard this scary ride to a destination unknown.

Some people might think that graduating from high school is just a tiny chapter in the big book called ‘Life’, and that there are more important events to come – but to me, it’s a pretty huge milestone.

When I think about graduating from high school, I get a knot in the pit of my stomach. The fear comes because we’re afraid we might not find answers to these questions – or, even worse, we find them but don’t like them.


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