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No one else I encountered during my third year of medical school at Albert Einstein College of Medicine struck me quite like this patient.

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Students are asked to choose classmates who exemplify empathy in interactions with patients and colleagues, who have worked to improve healthcare systems and upon whom they would want to rely for their own personal medical care or in a medical emergency.

Students with the most votes are nominated for induction into the society and asked to compose an essay detailing an experience in which their humanism was challenged.

A harrowing whistle of pain escaped his lips and wove its course to my unready ears, triggering within me a stream of sorrowful thoughts.

And when I thought I could bear/ no more, his piercing eyes met my own and willfully divulged the wealth of suffering contained within.

We would spend 20 minutes with one man on the regrets he had toward his children, an hour with a 90-year-old lady as she told us about her art.

She showed me how broad the scope of human suffering could be and how much of a person we could miss buried underneath the tests and lab values.

They also remind me of the value of every patient as well as my wish to never let anyone down.

Mentorship and humanism Under the leadership of Mimi Mc Evoy, M. N., associate professor of clinical family and social medicine, and Staci Pollack, M.

I found out more: He was homeless, had a history of tobacco use and emphysema and was being treated (not for the first time) for alcohol withdrawal and aspiration pneumonia.

Immediately, a slew of judgments crept into my conscious awareness. He could not articulate his needs or even remotely recall the date or his location, he scored abysmally when I assessed his risk for alcohol withdrawal and he constantly yelled at the staff and verbally threatened them.


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