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Scholarship: Gates Millennium Scholars Program Awarding Organization: Gates Millennium Scholars Program Amount: ,000 average award amount Number of Scholarships Awarded: 300 Eligible Students: High School Seniors who are African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian Pacific Islander American, and Hispanic American students planning on pursuing an undergraduate college degree in any discipline. How to Apply: Complete the online application Deadline: September 18 Website: Best of luck, and please see the awarding organization’s website for full scholarship details and requirements.The Insider: College Admissions Advice from the Experts is where College Coach experts weigh in on the latest college admissions topics.Unlike students from middle- and high-income families, they can’t rely on their families to pay the remaining costs of education and often end up taking out loans and, on average, The Gates Millennium Scholars thus filled the common void that students with financial need experience from government and institutional aid.

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And while we often refer to scholarships as “free money,” scholarships don’t actually come for free.

It takes work to thoughtfully consider your strengths and research the scholarships that might be most appropriate for you.

Many private scholarships have a combination of merit-based requirements (GPA minimums for example) and specific applicant demographics (need-based, restrictions based on gender, race, or religion).

If you find a scholarship that’s closed that you would have been eligible for, be on the lookout for similar ones held by the same organization.

The Gates Scholarship has a two-phase process to select 300 outstanding high school seniors each year.

Applications for Phase 1 open in July and close in September.Some students think that if an application is supposed to be their original effort, then it means that no one can help them.But you should get someone you trust to review your application or help you brainstorm ideas for writing the best essay you can.If you click around on its website, you may find opportunities that currently exist hosted by the same organization, like the scholarships listed above.As we’ve touched on, researching available scholarships can lead you to discover more scholarships.As you can see, even though one scholarship is no longer available, a new and similar scholarship has become available that students can apply for.When applying for scholarships, don’t be tempted to immediately discredit a scholarship that no longer exists.There is a scholarship (or many scholarships) out there for everyone.Every student has some skill, interest, experience, or characteristic that may make them an attractive candidate for one scholarship or another.One of the best ways to show who you are through the extracurriculars and accomplishments that you choose to highlight and through any essay responses.Connect the dots between your life experiences and what you plan on studying in college or what you’d like to do with your life, and you’ve got the foundation for a memorable application.


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