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For example, “it’s raining cats and dogs” doesn’t mean animals are really falling from the sky (it just means it’s raining very hard).A cliché is an extremely overused saying or phrase that’s used so often it’s not original anymore.In these situations, knowing how to write properly in English will help you.

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Encourage readers to point out any mistakes you made. You can also use this random image generator or browse Pinterest for ideas.

Grab the closest magazine to you and choose a random picture. What you’ll learn: We use descriptions in our daily life all the time: “I’m tired.” “Her dress is so stylish.” “This mocha tastes amazing.” Descriptions like these are used often in conversational English!

That’s a summary of “Batman Begins.” To use the formula in the same way, just fill in the blanks: Here’s another example:“Little Red Riding Hood wanted to visit her grandmother but when she got there she found a wolf instead, so she yelled for help and a passerby came to her rescue. ”What you’ll learn: This method can help you summarize almost anything.

You might find it difficult to explain an entire story or book in just one sentence.

Clichés are like idioms that have been used so often they’ve stopped being special, like saying “only time will tell” or “easy as pie.”Write a story that uses as many clichés and idioms as you can!

You can find a list of clichés here, and a list of idioms here.Aside from that, doing this exercise is a great way to learn how to express opinions in English.It might also get you using words you would not normally use, since you’re speaking from a different perspective. An idiom is a saying that doesn’t actually mean what it says.Through this exercise, you’ll learn more about adjectives, feelings and perceptions (how we see and experience the world).Think back to the last book you read or movie you watched.Take this belief, and write about it from the opposite point of view.In this case, you would write about why everyone should not learn another language. In order to break the rules, you first need to learn them! If you take classes, you probably have written assignments. Speaking is simple—you just find someone to speak to, and start talking. Improving your English writing doesn’t have to be frustrating or boring. The Internet might be changing the way we communicate in English, but that just makes it even important to learn how to write properly.Summarize it (say what happened briefly) using this formula:“[Somebody] wanted…but…so…”Confused?Here’s what it looks like in action:“Bruce Wayne wanted to save Gotham but supervillains were trying to destroy it, so he trained hard and became Batman.”Recognize that story?


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