Freakonomics Essay

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These rankings are determined at bimonthly tournaments, where a certain minimum number of wins are required.

Contrary to expectations, often times wrestlers with more wins lose to those that require one more win to advance.

The fact that the item was on a discount enabled the individual to buy it as the reduction in the price of the item was a strong economic incentive.

The concept of incentive is present in an everyday life situation as it basically impacts the actions of every individual.

In Chicago public schools, teachers are incentivized to cheat because low test scores can jeopardize the future of the entire school, as well as individual teachers’ careers.

For sumo wrestlers, their ranking determines the wages they earn as well as how much they can eat and sleep.

A generation later, crime increased drastically, and the dictator who enacted the ban was killed by youth that may not have been born in its absence.

In chapter five, the book undertakes the role of active parenting.

Incentives are efficient tools used to manipulate the human behaviour in order to achieve desired outcomes.

However, it is deniable that incentives deliver the expected results all the time. This essay argues about the flaws in incentives due to the nature of incentives itself, discusses the effect of incentives that encourage cheating and the result of an ineffective incentive given the circumstances.


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