Frankenstein And The Enlightenment Essays

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It is a result of the revolution that changed the standard perception of the world and the possibilities of a human being.

His words reveal the nonentity that Mary Shelley sees in him: new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me.

The question that Mary Shelley worries the most about is how far a scientist should pursue his thirst for knowledge, how far should he lead his experiments and whether they are worth of the possible outcome and damage they can bring.

The secrets of the human soul disappear behind the sounds of the machines.

It becomes the time of the kingdom of empirical investigation.

Science has always played an outstandingly important role in every aspect of human life. This regularity especially concerns the periods of revolution in the scientific world.

This blasts truly had the strongest influence on literature trends of corresponding time frames.

How does the character of Viktor Frankenstein resemble the values of Enlightenment?

What is the main message Frankenstein brings to the reader?

It was an epistemological transformation that changed everything around people.

These global changes influenced the literature heritage greatly.


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