Four Lines English Writing Paper

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Opportunities: The advance and upgrades of new technologies today will make it easier to track merchandise in less time and will help satisfy suppliers, and customers.

Threats: The use of old and outdated technology systems will reduce the satisfaction, demands of suppliers, and customers thereby losing cash flow.

Trends: Technological advancement enables the company to create an atmosphere customers appreciate, and expect without outside interference.

Internal Forces and Trends Strengths and weaknesses internal analysis targets internal factors, which supplies a business advantages and disadvantages in meeting the needs of its market (My Strategic Plan, 2010).

Blakes wholesale books warehouse controls 20% of the market and Rays books control 10% of the market.

Jeans rare find books have computer kiosks set up throughout the store, which give them the competitive advantage over the competition.The highly competitive market will be good practice for Jeans rare find books company to implement a strategy plan that meets the needs of both the company and the stakeholders.SWOTT analysis looks at the issues and the opportunities that Jeans Rare Book Company will.Businesses examine internal operating trends for less expensive ways to control business.Outsourcing unnecessary business performances or using the Internet to create sales is ordinary classes of internal trend (Vitez, n.d.).Weakness: fluctuation in economic conditions weakens and affects the companys operations.Opportunities: A boost in economic growth helps the expansion, and growth of the company. Technological forces Knowledge in technology helps a business in the daily process on filing documents, receiving suppliers, helping staff members, and customers.Strategic Plan Part Ii Swott Analysis Business Essay Starting a new business or company the owner must have a strategy plan that focuses on the companys strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, before opening the doors.Understanding the business SWOTT will help the development of the strategy plan and prepare for any unexpected problems that may occur within the internal and external environment.Strength: Offering rare books people cannot find, availability of signed, and first edition books of rare authors who people or individuals have not seen in years.Weakness: Opportunities: The ability to advertise and connect with people looking for a book.


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