First Day At College Essay

First Day At College Essay-68
We came in the classroom and the time to start classes began.When we began our classes, all our classmates were quiet, nobody talked. she started the class and after that we introduced ourselves.

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Additionally, finding a seat could be a hassle if you arrive late. Unless you have no choice, giving yourself at least half an hour between classes will maximize your chance to be on time and ask questions after class (one of the best ways to distinguish yourself).

You may have more freedom to organize your notes in college.

Your classes are the best way to discover internships, access academic help, and decide your major or path to graduate school.

Follow these tips to ensure you make the most of your classes and professors, starting from your very first day of each course.

Your professor will expect you to be more independent, adventurous, and responsible than your high school teachers presumed.

If you enter the lecture hall uninformed and meek, you may not perform at your optimal level and may miss important opportunities.I introduced myself, then they did the same and we began to know more about each other, like where we were from or what we did.After that, we spent the rest of the day together until we had to go home.For this reason, a folder or something to organize and hold papers is a necessity. Use an accordion folder, folder connected to a notebook, or binder.Don’t just stuff your papers into your bag – these are important documents you’ll need to keep intact because you’re going to need to refer to all year long If you’re taking notes by hand, bring extra pens or pencils.Then I saw my others classmates and I looked at two girls they were Greta and Eli.I approached with them and I talked with Greta and Eli .I approached to one girl and I asked for the classroom and we discovered that we where in the same group and I felt less nervous.I introduced myself and She also did it, her name was Yuriko.Some professors merely use the first class as a way to pique their students’ interests.Certain classes have a maximum number of absent days, so you’ll want to keep track of your sick days.


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