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Troy’s response to Lyons visit is “What you come “Hey, Popping” me for? Probably feeling burned by his son Lyons for not paying him back on occasion, Troy gives the impression he is frustrated because Lyons doesn’t following his ideas and beliefs.

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This story doesn’t just show a man constantly at fault, it shows a transition through life and tells a story through Troy’s kids.

All throughout Troy’s life, he aspires to be somebody, a fighter, a tough guy, also seen through his son Cory.

The Ties That Bind: A Critical Analysis of Wilson’s Fences What defines social existence?

Some individual achievements are measured by surpassing goals or gaining financial stability.

While playing in the Negro leagues, Troy feels his chance at pro ball is overlooked because of his color. He probably paraded around and enjoyed his freedom for a time. He uses guilt and manipulation tactics to con money from his father during the play.

A trait also displayed by Troy while dealing with his brother Gabriel’s finances.A culmination of all of Troy’s anger and frustration is seen here but it is a final way of telling Cory he will have to fight for what he earns.Cory becomes a leader in the United States Marines, instilling a sense of pride in him that was definitely noticeable in his father.Troy is a man with passion, who wants to lead his family, but Troy lacks the tools to focus his energies into a completely positive atmosphere; this result in Troy’s family displays a unique insight into the life and personality of Troy Maxson.Troy’s youth is founded in lost and betrayal; his escape into man hood and a fresh beginning is halted by a fifteen-year prison sentence.What if a child witnesses the cruel punishment of a wretched father who brutally beat their son and raped their girlfriend?In Fences, written by August Wilson, the ugly side of Troy’s upbringing is shown throughout the play to bring light upon the personal struggles of Troy and the consequences it has on his family.Troy wants to teach his son that nothing comes easy.Although his idea is for Cory to get a good education, the fact that Cory lies to Troy shows his lack of respect to his father.An attractive career can magnify personal independence but greatness cultivates through interaction, learning and relationships.Developing into adults and leading humanities future are today’s youth.


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