Facts About Cars Causing Air Pollution

Facts About Cars Causing Air Pollution-80
Usually, government agencies calculate this number by modelling air pollutant concentrations over a specified average period of time using an air monitor.Air Quality Indices are described in colours as well which are the following- Prevention is better than cure, and the first step towards ensuring the well-being of your kids is by educating them about the hazards and dangers of air pollution.Lead causes damage to the nervous system and presents a host of health conditions.

When you breathe it, it causes Air pollution fact number two: Carbon Monoxide is NOT your friend. You can get those detectors to put inside your house if you have a gas furnace, because every year a certain number of people get carbon monoxide poisoning from their busted furnaces; and from bad personal decisions such as lighting the barbecue indoors or firing up the propane space heater in the house when the power goes out. So, why don't we all DIE from carbon monoxide poisoning?

Because the earth's atmosphere - so far - is a very big place compared to the number of cars. Air pollution fact number three: Sulfur dioxide is not just about acid rain and not just caused by factory soot...

Okay, okay, here you go: We'll talk about these major types of air pollution and facts associated with them. It's a protective layer of ozone that sits up high in the earth's atmosphere and keeps the sun's radiation from frying us up.

I mean, it's not like we can stop breathing if we don't like the flavor of the air today...right?

Sulfur Dioxide, another major pollutant, is emitted from the combustion of fossil fuels like coal and petroleum. There is a worldwide effort on all levels to reduce the rise of Air Pollution.

Governments are supporting technological advances that will give us a cleaner source of energy. ) in the air - like you find in aerosol hair spray and air-conditioners and refrigerators. The ozone layer gets holes in it when we put pollutants like chlorofluorocarbons (I sure hope I spelled that right!This causes air pollution and results from toxic substances like sulphuric acid turning into clouds by combining with atmospheric moisture.When these clouds rain, the water droplets are acidic in nature and damage plant life and vegetation.Lead causes soil and water contaminations when spread from air pollution, thus affecting plant and animal life.Particulate Matter (PM) inhalation leads to respiratory failure, cardiac disorders and lung problems in people.Let’s all do our share and keep the air we breathe clean for us and for future generations.Does your child constantly ask you about air pollution and tips for how to prevent being exposed to it and others? Then learn about air pollution and interesting facts your kids will simply love to know if the answer is yes.Hundreds of years ago, before the industrial age, we didn’t worry about our air, but with the industrial boom, humanity’s concern about air pollution increased - and with good reason.Nowadays, we can no longer take breathing for granted.


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