Example Of An Introduction Of A Research Paper

Now, it’s the right moment to learn more about the fundamental elements of any good introduction for research paper: the hook and thesis statement.

We will define these two terms, figure out their role in the introduction, and present various strategies of their writing (of course, with proper examples).

This is the exact situation when the numbers should be mind-blowing and eye-opening, and not boring.

Facts or statistics are the perfect way to start your introduction, as they sound neutral and formal but intriguing at the same time.

Research papers are one of the most commonly written assignments.

No matter what your faculty is, you’ll face the necessity of writing research papers sooner or later.So, don’t waste a minute, and take your first step into the world of research paper writing with our guide on how to write an introduction for a research paper.It is hard to overestimate the significance of the introduction for a research paper.Example of a hook for research paper introduction: “In the 21st century, social inequality can still be a decisive factor in human interrelationship as in the novel Martin Eden written by Jack London in 1909.”This type of hook is good for any kind of writing.You start with an abstract statement that is somehow connected with your topic.Imagine that your introduction is a promise, and don’t forget to fulfill it.Above, we’ve told you about the proper content for your introduction.Although its length usually doesn’t exceed 10% of the whole paper, the role of an introduction for a research paper is huge.The most important thing about the introduction is that it serves as an attention-grabber and as a brief overview of your research paper at the same time.As the research papers require a formal writing style, we won’t suggest you to use jokes or anecdotes as in the essays.Still, we’d like to present three great ways of how to start a research paper introduction with a hook.


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