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Medea says she will take vengeance so that everyone will see that she can be kind to friends and harmful to enemies, and that she is not just a woman who lives quietly at home.Both Medea and Jason are simply humans driven by passion and emotions, none of them acting with the dignity expected from the upper class people of ancient Greece.

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Just like in our society, when the public mask is taken off, what we see is a flawed person – a human – ruled by jealousy and engaging in menial quarrels. Medea seemed to believe that their death was necessary, for two reasons.

One of them is because if she did not kill them, others would – a common theme in literature old and new.

The kind of behavior that Medea displays was very rare for these times: she doesn? s foolish of me now; yet none the less, Medea, you shall have what you ask. s holy sun finds you or them inside my boundaries, you die. (Page 27 - 28) Medea tries to appeal to his softer, weaker side by asking him to have pity on her sons; and does so successfully. Medea then successfully convinces Jason that she has gotten over his infidelity and she forgives him and wants to prove this by giving the princess a gift. s gifts (which are delivered by her two sons) are laced in poison (acid); she successfully kills the princess and the king, the poison burns the flesh off of them. Medea takes a serious chance when she kills the king and his daughter; she does this with out real concern for her life, revenge is more important.

t accept the dramatic change in her life; she does something about it. s thirst for revenge begins when she finds out about her husbands unfaithfulness. s husband Jason decides to marry the princess Glauce to establish a position of power in Corinth. King Creon states he is foolish for allowing Medea to stay that one-day, but he only does so because he believed Medea could not harm him in one day. Medea only needed one day to accomplish her revenge.

Medea defied perceptions of gender by exhibiting both "male" and "female" tendencies.

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She was able to detach herself from her "womanly" emotions at times and perform acts that society did not see women capable of doing.

Former princess of Colchis, Medea married Jason after she fled her country and killed her brother to help her lover and live with him.

After a long series of adventures and trials, the couple eventually settle in Corinth and start a family, but Jason abandons Medea to marry princess Glauce.

Emotionally crushed, the female protagonist takes vengeance by poisoning Jason’s wife to be and killing her own children, after which she flees to Athens to start a new life.

Oddly enough, while her actions were inarguably wicked, it cannot be said that Medea is a fully evil character.


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