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Long John Silver had two big gold hoops in both of his ears (Stevenson 55).

Pirates undeniably possessed an ability to persuade. , ” Pirates were often fisherman who traded with passing ships.

They would lure the ships in as if they wanted to trade and then rob them”(257).

Silver wore a hat and had long dark hair and a rough looking beard to add to his pirate image.

Clothes were important to pirates because they wanted to be feared and having a fearful image fit their lifestyles (Rogozinski 243).

Squire Trelawney was so impressed with Silver s cooking that he appointed him to be the cook on the journey to find Flints Treasure.

Squire Trelawney takes Jim and the doctor to Long John Silver s to eat.

Actions like those are strongly reflected through the pirates in Treasure Island.

This ability is best emphasized through Long John Silver, the main pirate in the book.

For example, when Silver kept trying to hold his crew back from taking over the boat, they retaliated and served him a black spot (Stevenson 74).

When a black spot was served it meant death to whom ever received it.


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