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Howard Shore is trained in classical music, and he continues to learn to maintain the flow of his creativity.He believes that there is no end of knowledge in music, and, as he learns more, he gets more resources to utilize.

These were the most prominent and easily recognizable in all the three movies.

Each of them is played countless times with different orchestrations according to the moods of the films. The Fellowship theme has been repeated 38 times across the three movies. It is “heroic, jagged, and assertive” (Rawlins, 2006).

He plays a vital role in The.....a Savior is also prevalent in The Lord of the Rings.

Because Christians believe the world is in a broken and evil state, there is a need for someone to rise up and save the world from permanent darkness and despair.

Music has been incorporated on large scale that spans nearly 12 hours.

The music of all the three movies was recorded by London Philharmonic, and won Grammy Awards.

Howard Shore is a composer and conductor of music for all the three movies.

He won the Academic Awards in 20 for Best Original Score.

His roles mainly manifests in The Fellowship of the Ring, where he teams up with others to assist in conquering Sauron.

Gandalf is described by Tolkein as the last of the wizards to emerge in the Middle-earth.


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