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Valeria Nevarez, a 21-year-old sociology major, has to miss class some weeks because of her long commute.“It’s a 50 mile commute for me since I live in Mid-City, it takes me longer to get to campus than the amount of time I actually spend in class,” Nevarez said.He took a glass of wine, but it flowed down his throat like melted gold. Money does not bring as much happiness as friendship.

He could scarce believe his eyes when he found a twig of an oak, which he plucked from the branch, become gold in his hand. His joy knew no bounds, and as soon as he got home, he ordered the servants to set a splendid repast on the table.

Then he found to his dismay that whether he touched bread, it hardened in his hand; or put a morsel to his lip, it defied his teeth. People who expect a reward for good deeds are selfish.

In the early days, the father of a family would be the sole breadwinner and with his earnings, his family will build a house, educate the children and save for the future.

As the economy developed our wants and needs have got complicated. Prices of vegetables depend heavily on supply side shocks.

The causes a lot of social problems which at its extreme form, cause social unrest.

Over the years, our wants and needs have increased.

It can be inferred from this poem from Book of Songs that the narrator is happiest when the man is away from her.

[2] On the eleventh day he brought Silenus back, and restored him in safety to his pupil.

The 76 Gas Station on Nordoff, accross the street from CSUN.

A new proposed bill will impose a tax on oil extraction that will produce around billion per year for education in California.


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