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However, the problem Meno has here is not clearly stated.

Does he suggest that you either know what youre looking for, and therefore do not need to inquire into it, or you dont know what youre looking for, and therefore cannot inquire into it, because you dont know it?

" In Webster's New World College Dictionary virtue is defined as, "general moral excellence; right action and thinking; goodness or morality" .

It appears, by Websters' standards, that virtue can easily be defined.

When the boy suggests the length of the lines be doubled to four to make a square of eight, Socrates immediately speaks with Meno and asks if he is correct , to which Meno replies that the boy is wrong in his assumption. After the boy unsuccessfully tries to determine the answer to Socrates puzzle again by saying that the line should now be three, Socrates gives the boy the answer by drawing lines bm, mi, ig, gb (top of page forty-nine) and asking him if that is not the answer, to which the boy replies in the affirmative.

Socrates draws this new square and specifically asks Is four times the old one double? It is almost puzzling as to why Meno agrees with Socrates that the boy simply answered the question on his own, when he so obviously did not.This is where Meno's frustration begins to set in.Meno continues with his attempts of trying to convince Socrates about the true definition of virtue.It could be speculated that given the stature of Socrates at the time, Meno simply couldnt bring himself to disagree, or was so sure of Socrates wisdom, that he accepted his example as truth.Had it not been for the help of Socrates, the boy might never have known the answer.And as Meno states, he has a numbing effect on those around him, such that they might not even notice his failings until a later examination.After exhausting all definitions he has for what virtue is, all of them being countered by Socrates and determined to be inadequate definitions, one of the problems Meno then has with understanding what virtue is comes from this paradox: How can you try to find out something, when you have no notion at all about what it is?This theory purports that inquiry can be impossible in some instances, but what is seen to be learning is in fact the recollection of something previously known.Though Socrates puts forth an admirable effort to support his recollection theory, there is a flaw in his argument.However, the true question in Plato's "Meno" is simply whether or not virtue can be taught.In Plato's "Meno", Meno asks Socrates, the great philosopher, whether or not virtue can be taught, or if men possess it by nature or some other way .


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