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Once you’ve answered the 10 questions your score will be given immediately and, if you score more than our pass rate (which is 60% or above) you’ll be awarded our sought after certificate from our Department of Ripperology to show to your friends and show them what an expert you are (or aren’t! As with previous quizzes you might like to share it with your friends and see which of you gets the highest score. To get started simply type your name into the box below and click to start the quiz. If you encounter any problems doing it on the form below just scroll to the foot of the page and click on the white “Jack The Ripper Suspects” link at the bottom of this page. In 1888, 5 horrific and brutal murders were committed, which the police believed were all by the same man.

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The quiz isn’t concerned with the veracity of any of the suspects but, rather, is concerned with your ability to know – or, if you don’t know then at least try to find – the answers to ten multiple choice questions concerning Selection of suspects.

No essays are required as the questions are either multiple choice answers or are asking you to decide if a statement about a particular suspect is true or false. However, some of the information isn’t straightforward and might, therefore, require a little thought or even research.

They failed to control the flow of information and did not prove that they were acting responsibly.

They failed to show that they were doing everything to catch the killer.

CONTROLLED ASSESSMENT TASK part (b)Some people have the view that Jack the Ripper was not caught because of police failures.

How far do your selected sources support or contradictthis interpretation?| Notes for teachers/candidates about approaching this task Underneath is a suggested structure which should be accessible to most candidates following a GCSE History course.It is offered as guidance and should not be seen as a writing frame or the only or best way to tackle this exercise.There should be discussion of evidence which can be used to support this interpretation.Both content and attribution need to be addressed * A discussion/explanation of the second interpretation There should be a clear statement of this interpretation.In the early stages they detained and questioned countless men.Later they became reluctant to check even truly suspicious persons. [John Holliday, an historian writing in his book, Jack the Ripper, the Green River Killer and the Police (1990)] SOURCE B2 ------------------------------------------------- The police failed to control public perception of their actions, which led to the crisis quickly spinning out of control.To start the Jack the Ripper suspects quiz that little bit quicker simply scroll down to the bottom of this page, enter your name and off you go.The list of suspects range from the highly possible to the extremely unlikely.------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- SOURCES WHICH SUPPORT THE INTERPRETATION ------------------------------------------------- SOURCE B1 ------------------------------------------------- The initial strategy for undoing the Ripper was quite ordinary – just increase the number of police in London's East End.While there, the constables, who throughout had no reliable description of the killer, spent considerable time in cheap lodging houses and pubs seeking any "suspicious" wretch.


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