Essay On The Tempest Prospero

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Born on April 26th 1564, William Shakespeare was a renowned playwright, poet and an actor.

In the early stage of his career, he mostly produced comedies and historical plays.

By the beginning of 17th century, his attention drew towards writing tragedies. The main characters in this play are: Prospero, the sorcerer and Duke of Milan; Ariel, a fairy; Miranda, Prospero’s daughter; Antonio, Prospero’s brother and usurper of Prospero’s kingship; and Caliban, Prospero’s slave and a deformed beast.

His famous plays include Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear to name a few. The play ‘Tempest’, written by Shakespeare, was first published in 1623 in the First Folio and is categorized under comedy as well as romance. The play mainly revolves around the theme of betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, regret and romance. The first act introduces the audience with Prospero who has created a violent windstorm (thus the name ‘tempest’), thrashing a ship carrying Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian, Ferdinand etc.

This paper analyzes the changes Prospero went through in different stages of the play ‘Tempest’ written by William Shakespeare.

The bibliography page appends sources in MLA format.

However, his wicked brother Antonio expels him and his daughter from Milan and unlawfully overtakes his kingship.

Thus, initially he is depicted as a helpless and pitiable being.

Here, one can say that he himself became a usurper as Ariel ruled the island before his arrival but then became his slave when Prospero freed him from imprisonment.

Thus, it can be said that the circumstances which he went through made him selfish and naïve of others’ feelings in front of his own goals.


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