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They soon became friend-colleagues, and she gifted him Photographer Marcia Smilack is also known for using synesthesia as a cornerstone of her process.As a “reflectionist” — her term of art — Smilack takes trippy pictures of the ocean’s surface the moment she has a synesthetic reaction, some of which have a Screamesque quality to them.

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Since then, the science of synesthesia has come a long way, thanks to neuroimaging and the ability to connect somebody’s sense of the reality of the world to her brain’s architecture.Still, not everything she experiences is “synesthetically wonderful.” “I assure you that if I smell something really bad,” she explained, “it’s not anything anyone would want to see.” Steen describes the reaction as an immediate physical response.In fact, she listens to music when she goes to the art-supply store, carefully removing the paint-tube cap to see if the color matches the sound she’s But until fairly recently, synesthesia had its share of skeptics.A synesthete, however, might wake up one morning and the tooth glowing orange.For Manhattan-based artist and co-founder of the American Synesthesia Association Carol Steen, physical discomfort manifests as color (usually, a bright chrome orange).After all, synesthetes are able to express seemingly unrelated concepts in a variety of mediums: numberssound.And unlike their colleagues, synesthetic artists — those who use their neurological trait as a foundation of their practice — respond intuitively to what Steen calls the “multimedia-like stimuli” going on around them.“The colors I see are more like colored light than paint pigment.” For example, At the same time, synesthesia can lead artists awry.Sean Day is a musician who sees shapes, movements, and colors when he hears timbres.For another, eating chocolate-covered raisins causes a sensation in the fingertips.For a synesthete with “ordinal-linguistic personification,” the number 9 might be a bearded hipster, while someone else swears 9 is a high-ponytailed blonde. Greta Berman, a Juilliard art historian who studies synesthetic artists, explains synesthetes don’t just For Steen, five is cadmium yellow medium.


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