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Why are so many parents not teaching their children these basic principles?

Perhaps the primary reason is that they do not consider it all that important because they themselves do not have a great deal of respect for others' possessions.

Whatever the cause, children no longer recognize boundaries between, say, public roads and private yards.

Back in the day, parents taught their children that a neighbor's driveway was his property, and that they should not use it unless they had a specific reason to be there and had the owner's consent.

Students may have a hard time understanding that school property doesn’t magically replenish itself.

The damage a student causes may require money for repairs, something many schools have a severe lack of already.

They were also taught not to use neighbors' yards as a short cut to somewhere else.

It was also a given that a neighbor's yard was not to be regarded as a trash dump for their candy wrappers, drink cans, and other assorted litter, nor was it a community garden in which they could dig holes, take topsoil, and remove mulch, flowers, leaves, branches, and fruits and vegetables at their whim.

Does a person really own his property if he can enhance and maintain it only according to the directives of an oversight committee? It is becoming more obvious that children are not being taught to respect private property.

Perhaps this is a failing on the part of parents and/or a product of government schooling, which was set up in the early- to mid-1900s by socialist educators like John Dewey.


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