Essay On Racism In Australia

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A cartoonist drew a racist and misogynistic cartoon of tennis players — caricaturing one as a Jim Crow era throwback while erasing the Japanese-Haitian heritage of another in a bid to portray 'white' innocence.

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Meanwhile, another Aboriginal man died in custody, and a coronial inquest into the death of a pregnant Aboriginal woman, potentially due to racism and neglect by the medical system, began.

As I said, this was merely a few weeks in the political landscape of this country.

Two children drowned in the Swan River following a police pursuit after reports they had been 'jumping fences'.

A nine year old school girl refused to stand for the anthem at her school's assembly and right wing commentators went into meltdown.

In all requests I received, bar one, people wanted my slant on the racist cartoon, the blackface incident or the girl who wouldn't stand for the anthem.

They weren't remotely interested in delving into the deep systemic issues which led to almost all of those other situations.

No matter how much these views are expressed however, mere months later Aboriginal commentators are called on again to explain why blackface is offensive, why celebrating Australia Day is erasive and why the anthem is erroneous.

The media screams these headlines while ignoring the fact that more Aboriginal kids have been incarcerated, more Aboriginal people are dead and more of us are vilified in the very lands our ancestors have lived on since time immemorial.

Pam | 08 October 2018 There is no doubt, Celeste, that the European seafaring explorers and colonists, who assumed ownership of every land they set foot on, were the masters of superiority over all other races (racism), white-skinned in the main and allegedly civilised.

Native peoples of the New Worlds they discovered throughout the Southern Hemisphere and North America were in the main dark skinned, hence inferior and treated inhumanely and appallingly.


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