Essay On Can Computers Replace Books

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In contrast, you can guess that these students who didn’t use computers for textbooks probably were much more focused and were able to concentrate and grasp the concept held within the schoolbook.

I can actually relate to this concept within my own life.

Replacing textbooks with computers would also jeopardize your physical health.

According to the article, “Computer-related Injuries,” it states that, “long periods of using a computer can increase your chance of developing an injury.” After reading this, it reminded me of my mother.

” Therefore, if schools were to use technology for textbooks, we as citizens would most likely be paying a lot more in taxes to just keep a school from going bankrupt.

From all of this research and evidence that I’ve gathered, I realized that by replacing textbooks with computers, it would actually increase school spending.

However, the license to use the textbook on the i Pad would only last one year.

If that i Pad could even last for five years within the hands of one student, “the e-textbooks plus the i Pad would cost schools more than a hardback textbook,” says “Are You Ready, Schools?

As I was reading through Achieve3000, I found an article called, “Higher Screen Time, Lower Grades.” From the article I learned that a “potential problem with electronic devices…is the way they promote multitasking.” As I read this, I realized that if students actually were to use computers rather than textbooks, it could result in students going on social media websites or simply other websites that aren’t encouraged to be on at school such gaming websites or even inappropriate sites.

As you can see, students’ concentration would be greatly decreases as a result of using a computer rather than a course book.


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