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A healthy person is able to work and live on his own. He is in a better position to relax and to enjoy the thrill of life. On the other hand, an unhealthy person finds it difficult to be happy and joyful. It is therefore essential that we should try to acquire good health.

Physical ailments bring in pain, sorrow, bitterness, mental tension and sleepless nights. Good health cannot be bought, it can only be, wrought.

Your next step in the deconstruction process involves looking at your present life and the values your life reflects.

In responding to these questions, you should ask yourself what values underlie your answers.

Your values will influence your decisions related to your relationships, career, and other activities you engage in.

Robin Houston Phd Thesis - Essay Life Personal System Value

Despite this importance, few people choose their values.Good habits, such as, getting up early, maintaining personal cleanliness, temperance in eating, doing physical exercises, adequate sleep and rest, etc., are vital elements which help in the acquisition of good health.Thirdly, the importance of clean mind for the acquisition of good health cannot be undermined. Many doctors say that the mind is so powerful that it can dispel even the most incurable ailments of the body, if it, so desires. Therefore good health is one of the basic foundations on which our lives are built. Good health is the state of all-round physical, social and mental well being of a person, which enables him to live and work normally and to resist the negative impact of his environment. If health is i’ lost, the capacity to work is lost. On the other hand, if we have health we are able to work and this, in turn, adds to our wealth.Periodically, I have seen people get rather defensive in response to this question. What I do is not who I am.” I would suggest otherwise, at least to some degree.Assuming people have choices in the career paths they take, which they choose reflects of who they are and what they value.For example, though a bit of a generalization, it is probably safe to say that someone who becomes an investment banker has different values than someone who becomes an elementary school teacher.What those underlying values might be may vary, but one might assume that the investment banker values money, while the teacher values education and helping children.Where do you live—do you live in a high-rise apartment in a city, in the suburbs, or in the country—and what values led you there?What activities do you engage in most—cultural, physical, religious, political, social—and what values are reflected in those activities?


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