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English oral communication ability could be divided into listening, speaking and pronunciation.CALLA is an instructional model which has three main components; language, content and strategy.Pronunciation is "the way in which a word is pronounced" (Oxford Dictionary, 2012).

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This part of this study gave more insights of the study in terms of backgrounds and related research.

It explored the two main aspects; English oral communication ability and Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA).

Besides, it is very important in the language classroom in terms of providing input for the learner.

If the students do not understand the input at the right level, no learning can begin.

Murphy (1991) claimed that listening and connections between listening, speaking, and pronunciation emerge as central components of ESL oral communication.

Rost (2001) supported that listening is a critical means of acquiring a second language.In this study, listening ability refers to the ability to process realistic spoken language, automatically and in real time; and to understand the linguistic information and to make inferences clearly implicated by the content of the passage (Buck, 2001).Speaking ability refers to the ability to use the proper words in the right order with the correct pronunciation; to know when clarity of message is essential and to understand how to take into account who is speaking to whom, in what circumstances, about what, and for what reason (The National Capital Language Resource Center, 2010).At the same time, the listener does not listen and remain silent, but is expected to respond.Murphy (1991) suggests that speaking, listening, and pronunciation must proceed in an integrated fashion.He added that this style of listening gives them processing space.Moreover, listening provides models for later speaking activities.This makes listening fundamental to speaking (Rost,1994).Chamot(1987) stated that within most classroom settings, listening serves as a primary channel for learning.The first topic of discussion will be as follows; Oral communication is "a two-way process between speaker and listener, involving the productive skill of speaking and the receptive skill of understanding (or listening with understanding)" (Byrne, 1976, p. Byrne stated further that both speaker and listener have a function to perform: while the speaker has to encode the message to be conveyed, the listener has to decode the message.The message usually contains a great deal of information which is redundant.


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