Essay For And Against Wearing Uniforms At School

Essay For And Against Wearing Uniforms At School-12
Opponents try to fight equalization and extra expenses.During its existence, the uniform was repeatedly introduced and removed from educational institutions in different countries.

By the decision of Edward, who himself was almost a child (only 14 years old), several old buildings in London were allocated for orphans and children from needy families.

Owing to donations and funds gathered in the city, pupils were fed, dressed, taught and got professions for the future. It is noteworthy that throughout the history of Christ's Hospital, it accepted both boys and girls.

For example, the students of Harrow continue to wear straw hats.

The rules are more indulgent in our time: this hat can be not worn on especially windy days.

If you have to write a school uniforms opinion essay, start by tracking the history of such costumes and understand what they were needed for at various stages of the educational sphere formation.

First schools (institutions where children and adolescents came to learn reading and writing) appeared in ancient Sumer, about 4,5 thousand years ago.It is a good example for a persuasive essay on why school uniforms are good.According to the legend carefully stored in the walls of Christ's Hospital, in 1552, King Edward VI (the son of Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour, the younger brother of the future Queen Elizabeth I) heard the passionate preaching of the London bishop about the needs of poor people and was so touched that decided to engage in charity.Of course, the uniform appeared much later, but anyway long ago.Historians agree that special student costumes originated in the 16th century at English charity schools for orphans and children from poor families.The inhabitants of London brought clothes to such organizations.Most often among the donated garment there were long coats of blue color.The costume is issued to young people free of charge.Approximately, 200 years ago, innovation was introduced: buttons on the coat were decorated with a portrait of the founder, King Edward VI.Disputes about the necessity of school uniform are as eternal as the history of such clothing itself.Supporters insist that it accustoms children to order and removes signs of social inequality from school.


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