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When you ask for feedback, you are no longer working in a void, wondering whether or not you understand the assignment and/or are making yourself understood.

By seeking feedback from others, you are taking positive, constructive steps to improve your own writing and develop as a writer.

Listed below are some parts of the writing process and some kinds of feedback you might need in each.

Keep in mind, though, that every writer is different—you might think about these issues at other stages of the writing process, and that’s fine.

You might underline or circle comments that were confusing to you so that you can ask about them later.

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You will also have an opportunity to reread your own writing and evaluate it more critically yourself.In fact, I wonder if the complexity of the father/child relationship might be the through-line in the three poems you’ve selected. This essay is looking grammatically cleaner, but there are still a few lingering problems. For example, In the first sentence, you want to write “mother’s” rather than “mother” because it is her role—possessive.Your best discussion right now is the paragraph on “My Papa’s Waltz.” Here, you go into good detail about why the image is affectionate, supporting your reading well by showing how careful Roethke is with his word choice. In the second sentence, you’re talking about multiple “mothers” (plural, rather than possessive), and therefore you don’t need the apostrophe. You write, “While some churches continue to be active in the community, many have placed their focus elsewhere” to start heading us in the direction you’ll be headed, but consider really PUSHING this idea.You might wonder why you received a lower grade than you expected on a paper, or you might not understand the comments that a TA or professor has written in the margins.Essentially, asking for feedback at any stage helps you break out of the isolation of writing.When responding to work, I strive to give my students substantive feedback that will help them improve their writing.I tend to focus on one or two key issues at a time so as not to overwhelm a developing writer, and I strive to keep the tone friendly and encouraging.I was curious about your reading of “Daddy.” You mention that the foot/shoe image is protective, but it’s more constraining than that, right?She says that she barely dares to breathe or “achoo.” While the language is playful, it is also a little resentful, right?You’ll become a better writer, and writing will become a less painful process. You might be just beginning a paper and want to talk to someone else about your ideas.You might be midway through a draft and find that you are unsure about the direction you’ve decided to take.


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