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Describe the many ways in which this particular variable affects the other, and explain why it does so.Classification – This developmental pattern is used to categorize multiple subjects into separate or distinct groups by certain criteria.

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In fact I wish I could make them again.” This is something I too want from poetry — truths no one can contradict.

Whenever choosing an expository essay topic, it is important to narrow down your choice so that it is appropriate to the essay length requirements.

The following are just a few examples of the developmental patterns you can adopt for your own essay: Definition – This may be the most straightforward of the developmental patterns.

As its name suggests, you will simply use the expository essay to thoroughly define a topic.

I filled it with assertions and overt ideas as a kind of overcorrection for what I saw as a lack of assertions and ideas in poetry.

The fiction writer Mike Meginnis said on Twitter recently, speaking generally but especially of political speech: “We would rather make no sense and mean nothing than be wrong.” This is very close to the thinking that led me, in a kind of self-dare, to write a book of statements that, unlike most lines of poetry, might be wrong. ) it’s the ones I do agree with that stick with me, like “Contentment isn’t happiness.” And the confessions, the lines I threw in, for contrast, that are not aphoristic at all, that are true in what philosophers call the contingent sense—they are true, but it could have been otherwise: “I regret the mistakes I made in my 20s, though I am the same, and would make them again.Life cannot be based on a thesis, since, by nature, it is based on instinct.A thesis, however, is usually present and living is the struggle between thesis and instinct.Example – In this developmental pattern, you will provide and describe an example of a particular subject or group.Cause and Effect – With this developmental pattern, you will illustrate the relationship between to variables, one dependent on the other.Further, you can like (or “favorite”) an aphorism even if you disagree, or aren’t sure you agree.“RT ≠ endorsement,” as many Twitter bios attest, but nor does a favorite.(I have stopped reading my Goodreads reviews.) Part of the job, I think, of the aphorist is to write statements that even she does not necessarily agree with.In my thinking about aphorisms, I have returned often to Wallace Stevens’ Poetry is not personal.Too often students begin writing expository essays without first having learned about their subject.If the teacher requires you to write the essay with knowledge from the top of your head, then obviously you will not have to perform research. Paragraph and its essentials Topic Sentence: A paragraph has a main idea which is expressed in a topic sentence.


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