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uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. The album highlights Toshio Oku (1925-2010), the son of Naojiro Oku (1893-1979) and Misao Oku (1902-2000) who was incarcerated at Tule Lake and worked ... Osborne Nisei Collection contains mainly correspondence between Emiko and Usami Terada, incarcerees in the Rohwer incarceration camp, Mc Gehee Arkansas, and the Thomas family in Lawndale, California and some photographs of the Teradas and the Thomases.

This collection of nine images documents the detention of a group of Indonesian seamen in 1947 as they await the outcome of deportation proceedings in the federal courts.

The images show these roughly 200 men at an immigration detention center in downtown San Francisco, at the Southern Pacific depot in San Francisco, and on ship called ...

Included are photographs, flyers, invitations, and business cards relating to Tazu Kawamoto’s personal life, with a focus on events during the World’s Fair on San Francisco’s Treasure Island in 1939. This collection contains one box of documents belonging to Tsugitada Kanamori.

Materials in this collection mostly pertain to Kanamori's efforts regarding canceling his renunciation and reinstating his American citizenship. Sylvester Photograph Collection (1942-1943, undated) contains 32 black-and-white photographs taken by Sylvester at Tule Lake.

Camp incarcerees independently wrote and distributed many of their own documents associated with the camp newspapers, camp stores, school publications, and other camp activities.

This group of materials contains non-War Relocation Authority documents issued in the incarceration camps or that ...A large portion of the collection consists of family correspondence with Seiichi and Tomeyo Okine, including letters from their Nisei children, Masao and Makoto Okine, both soldiers ...The JACL-CCDC Japanese American Oral History collection contains oral histories capturing the experience of Japanese Americans, primarily Nisei, living in the San Joaquin Valley.The Crystal City Peruvian Letters Collection contains three letters written by Kiyoko and Yoshihiko Matsuura, Japanese Peruvians interned at the Crystal City Internment, Texas, to their mother/grandmother, Kiyoko Noda, who remains in Lima, Peru.The Tazu Kawamoto Photo Album contains one album of mostly photographs compiled by Tazuko "Tazu" Kawamoto that document various people, events, and activities throughout 1939-1943.The Okine Collection contains materials collected by Seiichi and Tomeyo Okine who were Issei flower growers in Whittier, California.It includes correspondence, photographs, financial documents, and a photo album.The Japanese Internment Collection consists of three oral histories which focus on the personal experiences of Marilyn Fordney, Santa Anita Racetrack, Boys Town; George Wakiji, Santa Anita Racetrack, Gila River; Morris Abe of Tule Lake, and Cherry Abe of Topaz.The Japanese American Oral History Project features oral histories with narrators who talk about their lives, pre and post World War II, but most specifically, about their experience being incarcerated in camps during World War II.This collection contains reports, correspondence, publicity, and other documents issued by the Committee on Resettlement of Japanese Americans, National Japanese American Student Relocation Council, Pacific Coast Committee on American Principles and Fair Play, YMCA, American Friends Service Committee, and Japanese American Citizens League. The War Relocation Authority (WRA) was created on March 18, 1942, by Executive Order of the President, No. This new civilian agency was to be responsible for "the relocation (of evacuees) in appropriate places, providing for their needs in such manner as may be appropriate, and supervising their activities." The collection consists of reports, memoranda, ... Miller was pastor of the University Methodist Church, Los Angeles. C.), which also campaigned against crime and corruption in City Hall, ultimately ... The majority of the materials were gathered from folklore classes taught by Dr. Files hold support materials for more than 8,200 newspaper columns written for The Press Democrat newspaper in Santa Rosa, California.He became involved in local politics when gambling and prostitution began edging toward the area surrounding the University of Southern California (USC) campus. Included are research notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, monographs, local documents, journal issues, photographs, oral histories, ...


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