Essay Christianity Beowulf

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Essay Christianity Beowulf

Amidst the pagan setting of the story, there are many references to the Bible, such as Cain and the flood.They suffered a terrible severance from the Lord; the Almighty made the waters rise, drowned them in the deluge for retribution.'' The waters rising refers to the biblical story of the flood.This occurs when the people on the earth were mostly wicked.Scyld, the first king mentioned in Beowulf, died ''at the hour that was fated,'' but he ''departed at the All-Father's keeping.'' In a single sentence both fate and the Christian terminology for God (Father) were referenced.Fame is reconciled by declaring that the true fame is the glory of God, and that we must be thankful to God, for He is the true hero.Cain was jealous of his brother Abel, so Cain killed him. The belief is that the descendants of Cain are monsters and ''ill-favored creatures.'' When Hrothgar is presented a sword, he realizes that this sword came from the race of the giants.Hrothgar points out that this race was killed by God in the great flood.Hrothgar ''examined the hilt, the relic of old times.It was engraved all over and showed how war first came into the world and the flood destroyed the tribe of giants.The idea of fate is reconciled by adding that the battle was won through the power of the Lord, or that God will reward as He has in times past, and that you must be in agreement with the will of the Lord.In these ways the people can still hold on to their pagan belief in fate while being a Christian.


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